Construction & Engineering Services

Procana consulting has been involved with construction projects in Africa since 2007. We started our construction division in South Africa with a dedicated staff, and over the years have expanded our operations to East and West Africa.

Procana's construction model is designed around large-scale projects involving federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as well as local construction development firms.

We offer a unique turnkey construction solution which includes our commitment to securing international project funding and utilizing advanced construction technology for rapid, high volume development projects.


Project Funding

Procana operates under an umbrella of a wide network of investment firms from Europe, the Middle East and Asia in order to secure project funding for large-scale construction and development projects in Africa. Depending on the nature of projects, we are able to offer various project funding instruments up to $100 million US Dollars. For certain high profile, highly visible national construction and development projects in progressive African countries, Procana can also secure investment grants, loans, and line of credit instruments through the European Union and various nonprofit organizations.


Construction Technology:

Procana's advantage in successfully implementing large-scale, rapid, high volume construction projects relies on utilizing advanced construction material and techniques. By utilizing advanced construction methods versus traditional material and outdated construction methods, we are able to reduce project cost, increase efficiency, and dramatically improve completion timelines.

Procana's partnership with Eureka Engineering of Spain, one of the leading engineering firms in Europe, has increased our construction capabilities by taking advantage of Eureka's advanced EPS Cement Panels. These panels can be produced on-site, which will dramatically reduce construction costs by elimination the need for overseas shipping of the construction material, will create local semi-skilled employment, and will ensure technology transfer to the host country where the construction project is located.

Advanced construction technology & material capabilities

company Some of the advantages in using Eureka Engineering's proprietary advanced EPS Cement Panels include:

  • EFFICIENCY: The panel's "quick-fittings" design delivers easy to install, fast, easy construction technique approximately 8 to 10 times faster than traditional masonry. These panels do not require masonry plaster, create very little waste or debris, they are simple to transport and easy to handle at the construction site.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: These panels are one-sixth lighter in weight compared to traditional cement blocks (630 kg / m2), and far lighter in weight than most traditional construction material
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: These panels do not contain asbestos or any other harmful substances.
  • ECONOMY: Compared to traditional building panels of 75 mm and 120 mm, EPS Cement Panels can increase the usable area by 4.26 m2 per 100 m2 of construction surface
  • These panels are also seismic resistant, impact resistant, moisture and heat resistant, and offer a high degree of value for price

Contact us to receive complete material's brochure and technical specification. We will be more than happy to prepare for you a comprehensive proposal based on your project's design schematics.

Whether you are an international construction firm interested in construction engagements in Africa, an African federal government agency interested in attracting construction project funding into your country, or a local construction development firm in need of international fudding and technical engagement into your Africa-based construction projects, contact us to discuss your specific needs.