Life Sciences

Clinical Trial Development and Project Management Services

Procana's Pharmaceutical & Health Services specializes in site development, patient recruitment, and clinical project management for multi-center, multi-phase clinical trials in South Africa. For oncology related studies, Procana Consulting has access to comprehensive patient databases, independent cancer care facilities, national oncology management services, and independent clinical oncology network in South Africa.

If you are a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or a clinical research organization, we are uniquely placed to compliment your business model by becoming your international arm in patient recruitment and clinical trial development in South Africa through:

Patient Recruitment

  • Access to large patient database
  • General practitioners and specialists referrals
  • Private care hospitals and clinics
  • Government treatment facilities
  • Patient self-referrals

Research Facilities

  • Wide network of fully equipped research facilities across South Africa
  • Internationally approved clinical research facilities complete with trained clinical research teams
  • High capacity office space for staff and visiting monitors
  • Controlled access and temperature-controlled pharmacy and mixing rooms
  • Alarm controlled -20° C & -70°C freezers with 24/7 monitoring

Regulatory and Compliance

  • Compliance assistance with National Health Research Ethics Council (NHREC) of South Africa
  • Compliance assistance with Medical Control Council (MCC)
  • Registration with the Department of Health for non-registered medicinal substances and new applications of registered substances
  • Assistance with mandatory registration with a reputable South African Ethics Committee

Dedicated Clinical Research

  • Project dedicated staff for each study
  • Clinical research physicians and clinical research coordinators for Phase II – IV clinical studies
  • Project dedicated administrative staff
  • Clinical data management and reporting using electronic Case Report Forms, electronic Patient Reported Outcomes, and Interactive Voice Response Systems